What’s the Public Libraries 50p coin worth?

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What’s the Public Libraries 50p coin worth today?

The Public Libraries 50p coin is worth it’s face value of fifty pence. This means that this coin is very common to find in your change.

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What’s the Public Libraries 50p commemorating?

The Public Libraries 50p coin commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Public Libraries Act 1850. The design of this coin features the turning pages of a book, the anniversary dates “1850” and “2000”, and the value “50 PENCE”, all above a classical library building.

On the building, the words “PUBLIC LIBRARIES” are inscribed, and within the pediment, there are representations of compact discs. This design celebrates the significant milestone of the Public Libraries Act, which played a crucial role in the establishment and expansion of public libraries across the United Kingdom.

Reverse Design

Public Libraries 50p Coin Value
Public Libraries 50p Coin Value

The reverse design depicts turning pages of a book above the pediment of a classical library building, its facade covered with CDs to give a modern perspective. It was created by sculptor Mary Milner Dickens.

Obverse Design

50p Coin Obverse 2000
50p Coin Obverse 2000

The obverse shows the fourth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by Ian Rank-Broadley.

The date 2000 is included on the obverse along with the inscription ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 2000

Circulating Coin Value & Specification

Diameter27.30 mm
DenominationFifty Pence
ObverseIan Rank-Broadley
ReverseMary Milner Dickens
Minted ByRoyal Mint
Coin Specification

BU Coin Value & Specification

BU is short form for “Brilliant Uncirculated” which are coins not intended for circulation (NIFC).

BU Coin Specification

Silver Proof Coin Value & Specification

Silver Proof Coin Specification

The selling prices on eBay show a range across these prices: £18.99 + £28.00 + £22.99 + £31.00 + £18.88 + £17.55 + £18.00 + £10.61 + £25.00 + £19.45 + £35.00 + £11.00 + £22.00 + £14.00 + £12.00 + £12.00 + £19.75 + £10.00 + £17.00 + £17.52 + £15.00 + £33.00 + £19.00 + £20.00 + £9.99 + £21.00 + £25.95 + £19.95 + £13.00 + £22.99 + £17.50 + £26.99 = £634.67

Number of listings = 32 means the average selling price is £19.83 for the silver proof coin.

Piedfort Silver Proof Coin Value & Specification

“Piedfort” means the coin is double-thickness, hence the weight is 16g vs. the standard 8g.

Piedfort Silver Proof Coin Value & Specification

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