Zcash Mining Contracts

Zcash Mining – how to get started?

Anyone can now buy a Zcash Mining Contract easily.

You may have heard of Bitcoin Mining as part of the world of cryptocurrencies.

You can also mine for other cryptocurrency coins such as Zcash (ZEC) and other altcoins.

Bitcoin Miners around the world set up their mining rigs to find blocks on the Zcash network, while simultaneously validating Zcash transactions.The Zcash Miner who finds the valid block receives some ZEC as a reward for their efforts.

To mine Zcash directly, you will need a powerful computer, cheap electricity (the computer needs to run full-time at a high performance which consumes a lot of power), some special software and a Zcash mining pool to connect to.

The cost and effort of setting all this up may be a worthwhile venture to those very technically minded and who have the time to setup and monitor such a Zcash mining rig 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Speaking from our own personal experience, the multiple fans needed to cool the computer equipment can also be very noisy!

Alternatively, you can pay someone else to do the mining in the form of a Zcash Mining Contract.

What is a Zcash Mining Contract?

A Zcash Mining Contract is an agreement between yourself and a Bitcoin mining company for them to reward you with the cryptocurrency of your choice, in return for your upfront payment for their service.

This doesn’t have to cost a lot with small contracts starting for as little as $50. You can invest in new contracts any time the company has mining power (know as hash power) available.

For the more popular cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Zcash), mining contracts are sold out very quickly so so our advice is to act quickly when you see contracts are available for purchase.

WHat is a Mining Contract Pre-Order?

zcash mining pre-order

Some companies offer Customers the chance to purchase pre-orders of mining contracts. This means that when mining hash power is available, you will be the first to be allocated mining resources.

How long does a Zcash Mining Contract last?

A Zcash Mining Contract typically spans 2 years.

This is because you need to allow enough time for the Zcash Miner do its mining and collect the rewards.

This will be a little each day that adds up over time.

Where to buy a Zcash Mining Contract?

You can easily get started with a Zcash contract by signing up at Genesis-Mining.com

Furthermore, if you use our special promo code to get a 3% discount off your order(s).


at Genesis Mining.

If you are uncertain about it you can start off small by buying their smallest amount of hash power for around $50.

You can buy additional contracts to increase your mining capability, which we recommend you do after you get comfortable with ordering the contracts and seeing the rewards credited to your account.

How to place an order for a Zcash Mining Contract?

Step 1: Sign up an account to Genesis Mining here

Step 2: Sign into your account and click on Buy hash power on the left menu.

buy hash power

Step 3: Use the slider to choose the amount of hash power you want to purchase. The cost will be updated as you go higher.

zcash mining

On the right-hand side of the screen will show your pending order details including the amount of Zcash Mining power you have selected and what the associated costs are.

In this example, we chose 25 H/s for $47.99. Slide the pointer along the bar if you want to buy a higher amount.

zcash mining contract

Step 4: Click the Blue box to select your preferred payment method.

Payment options include:

  • Credit Card (USD)
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin


Step 5: Enter our promo code and complete your payment details as prompted.

Zcash Mining Promo Code

Enter this Zcash Mining promo code for 3% discount off every order you place at Genesis Mining.

On the payment page, enter this code and click Validate. You will see a 3% discount applied to your order.

zcash mining promo code

Step 6: SIt back and watch your Zcash come into your account at Genesis-Mining. Congratulations, you are now a Bitcoin Miner!

How to safely store your Zcash?

We recommend purchasing a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet to securely store your mined Zcash.

You can purchase one fo the 2 main brands, Ledger Nano S (sell for around $85) or a Trezor. Each of these Bitcoin Hardware Wallets has detailed instructions for use.
The Ledger Nano S is also available on Amazon.com

We use the Ledger model which has great security features such as needing to confirm instructions with a physical button on the device.

You assign a PIN to secure your device, which if guessed wrongly 3 times causes the drive to get automatically wiped. Keep a paper copy of your Zcash access information so that you can restore your ZEC to another hardware or software wallet in the event that yours gets lost or stolen.