What is Ethereum Mining?

Ethereum Mining is connecting a computer to the Ethereum network to validate transactions on the blockchain. The miner will receive some ETH as a reward.

Mining Ethereum or any other Bitcoin or Altcoin currency requires some special PC hardware and software to be profitable. You will need a high-powered tower PC with at least 2 high-performance graphics cards that are optimized for Ethereum mining.

The easiest way to get started ETH Mining is to simply purchase the computing power required from a Cloud Mining Company. They will do all the technical part and send you the mined coins as part of your agreement with them.

See our page on Zcash Mining for other cryptocurrency mining options.

Ethereum Mining Contracts in the Cloud

The easiest way to get into mining Ethereum is to purchase packs of ETH Mining Contracts from a Cloud Mining Service Provider.

You simply choose the amount of mining power you wish to rent and pay the appropriate fees. You can be ETH mining in minutes and they take care of the technical side 24x7.

As the ETH is mined it will be credited daily to your account which you can track online through a cloud mining dashboard.

If you are unsure, buy a starter pack for as little as $30 to test it out, you can buy additional mining power at any time!

start ethereum mining

Buy a Starter Pack Now!

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Ethereum Mining Custom Plan

If you are familiar with Ethereum Mining Cloud Contracts, you may wish to opt for the medium or large mining plans. There is also a Custom Plan where you can use the simple slider to select the amount of mining hash power you want to use and see the associated costs easily.

ethereum mining contract

Build your own ETH Mining Custom Plan

Ethereum Mining Calculator

Use an Ethereum Mining Calculator to calculate the profitability of mining ETH. If you are not buying a cloud contract but rather doing the mining directly, you need to take into account the cost of running the mining equipment and most importantly, the amount of energy it will consume.

Take care with your calculations so as not to get an unexpectedly high electricity bill that will wipe away all of your mining profits!

Ethereum Mining Software

Once you have the computer hardware, you will need to connect through special software to an Ethereum mining pool. We recommend you try the services provided by the Minergate mining software where you can join millions of other ETH miners around the world to mine Ehtereum.

You can use any Personal Computer to mine Ethereum , provided the system has a powerful Graphics Card (GPU) of at least 2GB of RAM or higher. AMD GPU cards are proving to be more efficient at mining ETH than Nvidia GPU cards

Forget about CPU Mining, it is not worth the electricity costs!

Minergate Mining Software


Minergate is a mining pool set up by a group of crypto enthusiasts. It is used by thousands of people around the world as an easy way to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency.

Minergate currently supports:

  • Zcash Mining [ZEC]
  • Ethereum Mining [ETH]
  • Bitcoin Mining [BTC]
  • Litecoin Mining [LTC]
  • Bytecoin Mining [BCN]
  • Monero Mining [XMR]
  • DigitalNote Mining [XDN]
  • QuazarCoin Mining [QCN]
  • Fantomcoin Mining [FCN]
  • MonetaVerde Mining [MCN]
  • AEON CoinMining [AEON]
  • Dashcoin Mining [DSH]
  • Infinium-8 Mining [INF8]

How to start self-mining Ethereum?

  1. Download the software version that is suitable for your operating system
  2. Create a new folder for it
  3. Download the batch file (.BAT) for the cryptocurrency that you want to mine
  4. Place the batch file (.bat) into your new folder along with the downloaded mining software
  5. Open the file and change YOUR_EMAIL to your MinerGate email
  6. If you were logged in when downloading it, Minergate already added it for you
  7. Run the miner

Example command line:

ETHOpenCLethminer -G -S eth.pool.minergate.com:45791 -O admin@coinmarkets.co.uk

What is Ethminer Genoil?

Ethminer Genoil used to be known as Genoil's CUDA miner.,

Ethminer Genoil is a fork of the original Ethminer.

The most significant difference is that they added support for CUDA.

  • stratum mining without proxy
  • failover farm
  • realistic benchmarking
  • OpenCL devices
  • better logging

Follow these links to get the latest Ethminer software.

Source code: https://github.com/Genoil/cpp-ethereum
Releases: https://github.com/Genoil/cpp-ethereum/

For more information try the Ethereum Mining Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/EtherMining/